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[$] Python structural pattern matching morphs again

A way to specify multiply branched conditionals in the Python language—akin to the C switch statement—has been a longtime feature request. Over the years, various proposals have been mooted, but none has ever crossed the finish line and made it into the language. A highly ambitious...


AWS Managed Services (AMS) supports AWS Outposts

AWS Managed Services (AMS) can now operate AWS workloads hosted on AWS Outposts in your datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises environment. You can accelerate your migration to the cloud with AMS managed IT services for AWS Outposts hosted resou… Continue Reading — AWS Managed Services...


Certificates from Let’s Encrypt (R3 active)

Let’s Encrypt has announced that, as of today, the TLS certificates issued by the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority are using a new intermediate certificate. “While LE will start using their new _roots_ next year, the change today is using a _… Continue Reading — Certificates...


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