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Network Load Balancer Now Supports UDP Protocol

Elastic Load Balancing now supports the UDP protocol on Network Load Balancers, in addition to the already supported TCP protocol. With this launch, you can deploy services that rely on the UDP protocol, such as Authentication and Authorization, Loggin… Continue Reading — Network Load Balancer...


Two years of postmarketOS

PostmarketOS is an Alpine Linux based operating system for mobile devices. The postmarketOS blog takes a look at the project after two years of development. “Wouldn’t it be great if you could take any obsolete smartphone from the past ten years … Continue Reading —...


Harnessing hybrid cloud for HPC

Harnessing Hybrid Cloud for High Performance Compute From Boffins to Big Business As a grizzled veteran of the IT industry, I have been involved in many high performance computing (HPC) projects over the years, both from a hardware and software perspective. I have always found them...


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