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Fedora 30: tomcat FEDORA-2019-1a3f878d27

This update includes a rebase from 9.0.13 up to 9.0.21 which resolves two CVEs along with various other bugs/features: * rhbz#1673856 tomcat-9.0.21 is available * rhbz#1713279 CVE-2019-0221 tomcat: XSS in SSI printenv * rhbz#1693326 CVE-2019-0199 tomca… Continue Reading — Fedora 30: tomcat FEDORA-2019-1a3f878d27


[$] Lockdown as a security module

Technologies like UEFI secure boot are intended to guarantee that a locked-down system is running the software intended by its owner (for a definition of “owner” as “whoever holds the signing key recognized by the firmware”). That guarantee is … Continue Reading — [$] Lockdown...


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