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[$] Providing wider access to bpf()

The bpf() system call allows user space to load a BPF program into the kernel for execution, manipulate BPF maps, and carry out a number of other BPF-related functions. BPF programs are verified and sandboxed, but they are still running in a privileged context and, depending...


Stable kernels 4.14.131, 4.9.184, and 4.4.184

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released the 4.14.131, 4.9.184, and 4.4.184 stable kernels. Each contains a single patch that fixes a problem in the TCP SACK panic fixes that was commonly seen by the Steam gaming community. Continue Reading — Stable kernels 4.14.131, 4.9.184, and 4.4.184


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