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Kernel prepatch 5.2-rc7

The 5.2-rc7 kernel prepatch is out for testing. “All small and fairly uninteresting. Arch updates, networking, core kernel, filesystems, misc drivers. Nothing stands out – just read the appended shortlog.” Continue Reading — Kernel prepatch 5.2-rc7


Fedora 30: chromium FEDORA-2019-8fb8240d14

Update to Chromium 75.0.3770.100. The usual pile of bugs and CVE fixes. vaapi support disabled, just too broken. :( Fixes CVE-2019-5805 CVE-2019-5806 CVE-2019-5807 CVE-2019-5808 CVE-2019-5809 CVE-2019-5810 CVE-2019-5811 CVE-2019-5813 CVE-2019-5814 CVE-… Continue Reading — Fedora 30: chromium FEDORA-2019-8fb8240d14


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