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[$] OpenPGP certificate flooding

A problem with the way that OpenPGP public-key certificates are handled by key servers and applications is wreaking some havoc, but not just for those who own the certificates (and keys)—anyone who has those keys on their keyring and does regular updates will be affected. It...


Monthly News – June 2019

Many thanks for your support and your donations. You make this project thrive and it’s a real pleasure to work on it. We’ve had to overcome a few issues and this development cycle hasn’t been the smoothest, but we’re really happy right now. We’re excited to...


Kali Linux in the DigitalOcean Cloud

One feature in particular distinguishes DigitalOcean from other cloud offerings. A little while ago, they added support for custom images, which allows us to import virtual machines disks and use them as droplets. This is perfect for us, so we can use own versions of Kali...


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