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Conway: Infinite work is less work

Damian Conway writes about the power of infinite sequences in Perl 6. The sequence of primes is just the sequence of positive integers, filtered (with a .grep) to keep only the ones that are prime. And, of course, Perl 6 already has a prime number tester: the...


Tumbleweed’s July Snapshots Are Trending Strong

There have been a total of five openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots since the beginning of July and all the snapshots have a strong, stable rating. The rolling release had the most updates arrive in the 20190702 snapshot. The packages update in that snapshot included Mesa 19.1.1 and...


What blockchain can and can’t do for security

Blockchain expert Rosa Shores agrees: Unless you have a data integrity problem, blockchain won’t fix it. Try a distributed ledger instead. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below. Continue Reading — What blockchain can and can’t do for security


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