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Still not using HTTPS? Firefox is about to shame you

Have you heard that two years after promising to report all HTTP-based web pages as insecure, Mozilla is finally about to deliver? Soon, whenever you visit one of the shrinking number of sites that doesnt use a security certificate, the Firefox browser… Continue Reading —...


Lack of trust will doom cryptocurrency

Have you considered what the future of cryptocurrency looks like? Loss of crypto coins through hacks, fake trading and volatility destroy trust in cryptocurrency, but those aren’t its only problems. Continue Reading — Lack of trust will doom cryptocurrency


Kubernetes VS PaaS

Dimitris Karakasilis, one of the engineers on SUSE Cloud Application Platform, spent his hack week project exploring what it would be like to develop with Kubernetes directly and wrote about his experience. With his permission, I’m republishing his blog here. Thank you to Dimitris for his excellent...


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