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[$] Improving communities through documentation

Documentation, said Riona MacNamara at the beginning of her Open Source Summit Japan 2019 talk, is the superpower that we can use to energize users and developers; it is an important part of the creation of a vibrant and inclusive community. Wh… Continue Reading —...


AWS CodePipeline Achieves HIPAA Eligibility

AWS CodePipeline is now a HIPAA Eligible Service. If you have a HIPAA Business Associate Addendum (BAA) in place with AWS, you can now start using AWS CodePipeline for your HIPAA eligible workloads. If you do not have a BAA in place with AWS or have...


Don’t Leave Your S3 Buckets Wide Open

IT security can feel like an endless war against the unknown. Especially when your big old comfortable monolith with one access point gets spread out into a million small microservice pieces all over the place. Securing distributed systems is a challenge that requires constant vigilance and...


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