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Linux needs FIXING 3: RHEL7 and Python3

It seems I am not alone on this annoying RHEL 7 missing feature so I thought I would share the solution.   Note: Installing Python 3 on Ubuntu 16 or 18 takes about 3 seconds. Note: Only historic applications use Python 2.7 and around the web, you will...


Coming to grips with cloud and making choices

Guest blog from Carl Brooks – Analyst, Cloud Transformation at 451 Research. Spoiled for choice Talking to enterprise IT folks today will almost always lead to a familiar theme when discussing cloud computing and all its interrelated implications. First, cloud is now familiar—’normal’ even. This model...


Linux needs FIXING 2: /proc/diskstats

I have a small virtual machine with two disks that I want information about my disks, so I look in: /proc/diskstats the file about disks right? I find: $ cat /proc/diskstats 8 0 sda 157237 6081 20263539 1230080 479407 147344 44907178 13965510 0… Continue Reading...


Big password hole in iOS 13 beta spotted by testers

Beta testers have identified a security vulnerability in the current beta version of iOS 13? which allows anyone to access a user?s stored web and app passwords without having to authenticate. Affecting iOS 13 public beta 2, developer beta 3, and iPadO… Continue Reading —...


Introducing AI-Driven Social Media Dashboard

AI-Driven Social Media Dashboard is a solution that monitors and ingests specified tweets using stream processing and leverages a serverless architecture and machine learning services to translate and extract insights from those tweets. The solution is… Continue Reading — Introducing AI-Driven Social Media Dashboard


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