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Monthly News – July 2019

Hi everyone, I’ll be very quick with the news this month as we’re getting very close to the stable release. First of all, I’d like to thank all the people who helped us test the BETA. Many bugs were identified and fixed in the last two...


Kernel prepatch 5.3-rc2

The 5.3-rc2 kernel prepatch is available for testing. “There are fixes all over, I don’t think there’s much of a pattern here. The three areas that do stand out are Documentation (more rst conversions), arch updates (mainly because of the netx … Continue Reading —...


Mageia 2019-0216: virtualbox security update

OpenSSL versions 1.1.0 through 1.1.0j and 1.1.1 through 1.1.1b are susceptible to a vulnerability that could lead to disclosure of sensitive information or the addition or modification of data (CVE-2019-1543). Oracle VM VirtualBox prior to 6.0.10 has … Continue Reading — Mageia 2019-0216: virtualbox security...


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