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Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes – The Blending Continues

At the recent Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadephia, Troy Topnik of SUSE participated in the latest iteration of a panel discussing how the community continues to blend Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. There is some interesting and insightful discussion between members of the panel from Google, IBM,...


NumPy 1.17.0 released

The NumPy team has announced the release of NumPy 1.17.0. NumPy is a fundamental package for scientific computing with Python. “The 1.17.0 release contains a number of new features that should substantially improve its performance and usefulness… Continue Reading — NumPy 1.17.0 released


linux.conf.au proposal deadline extended

For those didn’t quite get around to putting in a proposal for linux.conf.au 2020 (Gold Coast, January 13 to 17), there’s another chance: the proposal deadline has been extended to August 11. “We have heard that some of you would … Continue Reading — linux.conf.au proposal deadline extended


SUSE displaces Red Hat @ Istanbul Technical University

Did you know the third-oldest engineering sciences university in the world is in Turkey? Founded in 1773, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is one of the oldest universities in Turkey. It trains more than 40,000 students in a wide range of science, technology and engineering disciplines. The...


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