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Achieve 3x better Spark performance with EMR 5.25.0

You can now use Spark 2.4.3, Presto 0.220, Apache Hive 2.3.5, and Apache Tez 0.9.2 on Amazon EMR release 5.25.0. This release also includes two new performance optimizations that improve Spark performance up to 3x* over EMR 5.24: Bloom Filter Join, an… Continue Reading —...


A Pen Plotter Powered by Artificial Intelligence

This article has been contributed by Lin Ma, Software Engineer and KVM Virtualization Specialist at SUSE. If you want to read more from him about virtualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence, have a look at the following articles: How to Do Deep Machine Learning Tasks Inside KVM...


[$] An end to implicit fall-throughs in the kernel

The C switch statement has, since the beginning of the language, required the use of explicit break statements to prevent execution from falling through from one case to the next. This behavior can be a useful feature, allowing for more compact… Continue Reading — [$]...


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