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AWS X-Ray is Now Available in Bahrain

AWS X-Ray, a distributed tracing system that helps developers analyze and debug multi-tiered applications, is now available in AWS’ new Bahrain region. Continue Reading — AWS X-Ray is Now Available in Bahrain


AWS Batch Now Supports the Elastic Fabric Adapter

Starting today, AWS Batch supports the ability to expose host devices to your AWS Batch jobs, including the Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA), which enables you to run highly performant distributed HPC and machine-learning workloads by using AWS Batch’s managed instance provisioning and scheduling. Continue Reading...


New 4.0.2 Version of Uyuni is Released

Contributors of Uyuni Project have released a new version of Uyuni 4.0.2, which is an open-source infrastructure management solution tailored for software-defined infrastructure. Uyuni, a fork of the Spacewalk project, modernizing Spacewalk with SaltStack, provides more operating systems support and better scalability capabilities. Uyuni is now...


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