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Amazon EMR now supports native EBS encryption

You can now natively encrypt EBS volumes attached to an EMR cluster. Until now, customers used LUKS over EBS volumes to encrypt data. With the current release, customers can choose either LUKS or native EBS encryption.   Continue Reading — Amazon EMR now supports native...


AWS IoT Device Defender Expands Globally

AWS IoT Device Defender is now available in 2 additional regions – EU (Paris) and EU (Stockholm), extending the footprint to 15 AWS regions. AWS IoT Device Defender is a fully-managed AWS IoT service that makes it easy for customers to manage the end t… ...


[$] Grand Schemozzle: Spectre continues to haunt

The Spectre v1 hardware vulnerability is often characterized as allowing array bounds checks to be bypassed via speculative execution. While that is true, it is not the full extent of the shenanigans allowed by this particular class of vulnerab… Continue Reading — [$] Grand Schemozzle:...


Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Arrives with Linux Kernel 5.0

Those yet to sample Ubuntu 18.04 LTS may want to grab the latest point release, which available to download from today. Ubuntu 18.04.3 is the third of five point releases planned to accompany the latest […] This post, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Arrives with Linux Kernel 5.0,...


AWS Developer Series Relaunched on edX

AWS Training and Certification has re-launched the AWS Developer Series exclusively on edX. This digital series features three courses that help developers to continue building their skills to deepen their cloud expertise with AWS.   Continue Reading — AWS Developer Series Relaunched on edX


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