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CentOS is dead, long live CentOS Stream

Red Hat has announced an end to the CentOS distribution as we know it. CentOS will be replaced by “CentOS Stream”, which looks like a sort of beta test for changes going into Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Support for CentOS 7 will continue as… Continue Reading...


Qt 6.0 released

Version 6.0 of the Qt interface framework is available. “Qt 6.0 is a starting point for the next generation of Qt. It is not yet as feature-complete as 5.15, but we will fill the gaps within the months to come. We’ve done a lot of important...


The V-Model

Having suffered through my adoration of the venerable Waterfall Model (WM), it’s time to expand upon it and bring us out of the bronze age of system development and into the age of steam with the V-Model (VM). The VM is similar to the WM in...


Debian: DSA-4807-1: openssl security update>

David Benjamin discovered a flaw in the GENERAL_NAME_cmp() function which could cause a NULL dereference, resulting in denial of service. Additional details can be found in the upstream advisory: Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4807-1: openssl security update>


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