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AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Now Available in the AWS Management Console

AWS Elemental Appliances and Software video processing and delivery solutions are now available for purchase in the AWS Management Console. The new console presence provides you a simple, unified buying experience to complete your orders from Elemental Technologies LLC (“AWS Elemental”) alongside your access to and...


Fedora 30: php FEDORA-2019-ec40d89812

**PHP version 7.2.21** (01 Aug 2019) **Date:** * Fixed bug php#69044 (discrepency between time and microtime). (krakjoe) **EXIF:** * Fixed bug php#78256 (heap-buffer-overflow on exif_process_user_comment). (CVE-2019-11042) (Stas) * Fixed bug php#78222 … Continue Reading — Fedora 30: php FEDORA-2019-ec40d89812


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