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Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.27 Now Available

Amazon Lumberyard 1.27 Beta is now available for download, bringing you a range of updates including usability with optimized work flows throughout the user interface, support for new and improved physics features, and even more customization options f… Continue Reading — Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.27...


Homelab: Cloud-native ad blocking on Raspberry Pi

Learn how to set up a Pi-Hole instance with a single command and a cluster of Raspberry Pis on MicroK8s. High availability, load balancing and Kubernetes configuration included. The Raspberry Pi 4 brings the graphics, RAM and connectivity needed for a Linux workstation, so why not...


[$] Reducing page structures for huge pages

Kernel development is a constant exercise in reducing overhead; any resources taken by the kernel are not available for the workload that users actually want to run. As part of this, the page structure used to manage memory has been kept as sma… Continue Reading...


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