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Expanding the Influence of Women in Sales

It’s safe to say our operating environment has changed a great deal, seemingly overnight, this year. For all of us, especially sales professionals, we have switched from being on the road to working from home. Pair this with the fact that buyers are increasingly seeking sales...


Amazon Braket now supports PennyLane

Amazon Braket now supports PennyLane, an open source software framework for hybrid quantum computing. Pennylane provides interfaces to common machine learning libraries, including PyTorch and TensorFlow, so you can train quantum circuits in the same wa… Continue Reading — Amazon Braket now supports PennyLane


Amazon Braket tensor network simulator supports 50-qubit quantum circuits

Amazon Braket provides a fully managed and high-performance tensor network simulator (TN1). This tensor-network-based circuit simulator can support quantum computing simulations with up to 50 qubits, and is particularly powerful for sparse circuit… Continue Reading — Amazon Braket tensor network simulator supports 50-qubit quantum circuits


Amazon ECR announces cross region replication of images

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) now supports cross region replication of images in private repositories, enabling developers to easily copy container images across multiple AWS accounts and regions with a single push to a source reposito… Continue Reading — Amazon ECR announces cross region...


GNU autoconf-2.70 released

GNU Autoconf 2.70 is out. “Noteworthy changes include support for the 2011 revisions of the C and C++ standards, support for reproducible builds, improved support for cross-compilation, improved compatibility with current compilers and shell uti… Continue Reading — GNU autoconf-2.70 released


[$] Fedora and its editions

Fedora has long had Workstation and Server editions and, back in August, added an edition for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Those editions target different use cases for the distribution, as does the CoreOS “spin” (or “emerging edition”), … Continue Reading — [$] Fedora and...


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