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Google fixes Chromebook 2FA flaw in built-in security key’

Are you a Chromebook user? Google has discovered a serious flaw in a Chromebook security feature which allows owners to press their devices power button to initiate U2F two-factor authentication (2FA). Learn more: Continue Reading — Google fixes Chromebook 2FA flaw in built-in security key’


[$] The stable-kernel process

The stable kernel process is a perennial topic of discussion at gatherings of kernel developers; the 2019 Linux Kernel Maintainers Summit was no exception. Sasha Levin ran a session there where developers could talk about the problems they have… Continue Reading — [$] The stable-kernel...


The 5.3 kernel is out

The 5.3 kernel is available at last. The announcement includes a long discussion about user-space regressions — an ext4 filesystem performance improvement had caused some systems to fail booting due to a lack of entropy early after startup. “It’s more that it’s an instructive example of...


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