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‘csplit’: Split a file into context-determined pieces

‘csplit’ creates zero or more output files containing sections of INPUT (standard input if INPUT is ‘-‘).  Synopsis:      csplit [OPTION]… INPUT PATTERN… The contents of the output files are determined by the PATTERN arguments as detailed below.  An error occurs if a PATTERN argument refers...


Unix Quick Reference : ILOM ( Integrated Lights out Manager) Command Line

The X4000 Family implements the ILOM – Integrated Lights Out Manager.  This is a combination of dedicated hardware and supporting software. The Sun Fire X64 family of servers implement a technology called ILOM – Integrated Lights Out Manager where available. This is a combination of dedicated hardware...


Solaris 11 – How to Display Solaris System Information

How to Display a System’s Release Information Display the contents of the /etc/release file to identify your release version. $ cat /etc/release Oracle Solaris Nevada Next Development snv_146 x86 Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. Assembled 29 July 2010 How to Display...


Solaris Storage Configuration – EMC VMAX + POWERPATH / MPxIO + VxVM

To simplify the Storage addition operation, i just made a quick cheat sheet for your easy understanding and  quick reference, since this information cannot be presented as html format i will be sharing it in image format, which you can print and use it as desk...


Edge use-cases enabled by MEC and 5G

Edge computing is going to be a new cloud in the next year. However, investment in MEC from a telecom operator perspective is expensive. On this webinar, you will learn what are the existing business use cases, as well as the ones on the horizon in...


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