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IBM will soon launch a 53-qubit quantum computer

IBM continues to push its quantum computing efforts forward and today announced that it will soon make a 53-qubit quantum computer available to clients of its IBM Q Network. The new system, which is scheduled to go online in the middle of next month, … ...


Warning: Researcher Drops phpMyAdmin Zero-Day Affecting All Versions

Are you a phpMyAdmin user? A cybersecurity researcher recently published details and proof-of-concept for an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in phpMyAdmin”one of the most popular applications for managing the MySQL and MariaDB databases. Learn more: Continue Reading — Warning: Researcher Drops phpMyAdmin Zero-Day Affecting All Versions


Content Lifecycle Management with SUSE Manager 4

With the help of a new Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) user interface, SUSE Manager 4 makes it possible to clone software channels (Figure 1) through a lifecycle of several environments.   Figure 1: Software channels help you keep control of software installation.   This new tool allows...


Moving Firefox to a faster 4-week release cycle

The Mozilla blog has an announcement that Firefox will be moving to 4-week release cycle, starting in 2020. “Shorter release cycles provide greater flexibility to support product planning and priority changes due to business or market requiremen… Continue Reading — Moving Firefox to a faster...


[$] The properties of secure IoT devices

At Open Source Summit North America 2019, David Tarditi from Microsoft gave a talk on seven different properties for highly secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The properties are based on a Microsoft Research white paper [PDF] from 2017. … Continue Reading — [$] The...


Fedora 30: curl FEDORA-2019-9e6357d82f

– double free due to subsequent call of realloc() (CVE-2019-5481) – fix heap buffer overflow in function tftp_receive_packet() (CVE-2019-5482) Continue Reading — Fedora 30: curl FEDORA-2019-9e6357d82f


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