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Amazon API Gateway Simplifies Invoking Private APIs

Amazon API Gateway simplifies accessing private APIs by allowing you to associate one or more Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Endpoints to a private API. API Gateway will create and manage Route53 alias records necessary for easily invoking the Priv… Continue Reading — Amazon API...


[$] Deep argument inspection for seccomp

In the Kernel Summit track at the 2019 Linux Plumbers Conference, Christian Brauner and Kees Cook led a discussion on finding a way to do deep argument inspection for seccomp filtering. Currently, seccomp filters can only look at the top-level … Continue Reading — [$]...


Amazon S3 introduces Same-Region Replication

Amazon S3 now supports automatic and asynchronous replication of newly uploaded S3 objects to a destination bucket in the same AWS Region. Amazon S3 Same-Region Replication (SRR) adds a new replication option to Amazon S3, building on S3 Cross-Region R… Continue Reading — Amazon S3...


Oracle and Box Team Up to Combine Content with Connectivity in the Cloud

Press Release Oracle and Box Team Up to Combine Content with Connectivity in the Cloud Improves productivity and streamlines digital business processes across Oracle applications ORACLE OPENWORLD, San Francisco, Calif.—Sep 18, 2019 Oracle today announced a collaboration with Box that will allow customers to connect their...


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