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AWS Elemental MediaConnect Adds Ability for Content Owners and Subscribers to Share the Cost of Live Video Entitlements

With AWS Elemental MediaConnect, content owners can now specify the percentage of data transfer costs assigned to themselves and to subscribers. This lets content owners share the cost of content syndication with their subscribers, reducing expenses an… Continue Reading — AWS Elemental MediaConnect Adds Ability...


InSync 3 Goes Stable, Brings OneDrive Sync to Linux

InSync 3 has been released with OneDrive sync, a faster, more reliable sync engine, and better selective sync options for Windows, macOS and Linux users. This post, InSync 3 Goes Stable, Brings OneDrive Sync to Linux, was written by Joey Sneddon and fi… Continue Reading...


[$] System-call wrappers for glibc

The GNU C Library has long had a reputation for being hostile to the addition of wrappers for new Linux system calls; that has resulted in many system calls being unsupported by the library for years. That situation is changing, though. During… Continue Reading —...


Microsoft Has Built a Font for the Command Line

If your current terminal font choice leaves you squinting at the screen, Microsoft is here to help. The ‘Cascadia Code’ font is designed for command line experiences and code editors The tech giant has released […] This post, Microsoft Has Built a Font for the Command...


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