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Amazon ElastiCache announces online configuration changes for all planned operations with the latest Redis 5.0.5

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis improves availability of auto-failover clusters during all planned operations. You can now scale your cluster, upgrade the Redis engine version and apply patches and maintenance updates while the cluster stays online and co… Continue Reading — Amazon ElastiCache announces online configuration...


Amazon Transcribe now Supports AWS KMS Encryption

Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for you to add a speech-to-text capability to your applications. Up until now, Amazon Transcribe used Amazon S3-SSE to encrypt transcripts. Starting today, you can us… Continue Reading — Amazon Transcribe now...


Fedora 30: ghostscript FEDORA-2019-953fc0f16d

– rebase to latest upstream version 9.27 – security fixes added for: – CVE-2019-14811 (bug #1747908) – CVE-2019-14812 (bug #1747907) – CVE-2019-14813 (bug #1747906) – CVE-2019-14817 (bug #1747909) Continue Reading — Fedora 30: ghostscript FEDORA-2019-953fc0f16d


Fedora 30: expat FEDORA-2019-9505c6b555

This update of `expat` fixes the following security issue: * **CVE-2019-15903** — Fix heap overflow triggered by `XML_GetCurrentLineNumber` (or `XML_GetCurrentColumnNumber`), and deny internal entities closing the doctype The following bug fixes are … Continue Reading — Fedora 30: expat FEDORA-2019-9505c6b555


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