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Announcing AWS IoT Device Defender ML Detect public preview

Today, we are announcing the public preview of ML Detect, a new feature of AWS IoT Device Defender that automatically detects device-level operational and security anomalies across your fleet by learning from past data. Today, customers can use AWS IoT Device Defender’s Rules Detect to manually...


Announcing AWS IoT SiteWise Edge (Preview), a new capability of AWS IoT SiteWise to collect, process, and monitor industrial equipment data on-premises

Today, we are announcing AWS IoT SiteWise Edge (Preview), a new feature of AWS IoT SiteWise providing software that runs on-premises at industrial sites and makes it easy to collect, process, and monitor equipment data locally before sending the data t… Continue Reading — Announcing...


Introducing AWS IoT EduKit

AWS introduces AWS IoT EduKit, an easy way to learn to build IoT applications using AWS services through a prescriptive learning program. AWS IoT EduKit helps developers – from students to experienced engineers and professionals – receive hands-on experience building end-to-end IoT applications by combining a...


Begin Your DevSecOps Journey on Learn Chef

For some time now, Learn Chef has been the destination of choice for IT ops practitioners to learn how to expand their DevOps skill sets. Whether it be learning about securing your infrastructure, managing a fleet of IT resources, or consistently delivering applications, Learn Chef has...


Firefox 84.0 and 78.6 ESR

Firefox 84.0 has been released. This version includes an accelerated rendering pipeline for Linux/GNOME/X11 users and improved performance and compatibility with Docker. This is the final release to support Adobe Flash. The release notes have ad… Continue Reading — Firefox 84.0 and 78.6 ESR


Introducing AWS Systems Manager Change Manager

Today, AWS announces Change Manager, a new change management feature of AWS Systems Manager. Change Manager simplifies the way you can request, approve, implement, and report on operational changes to your application configuration and infrastructure on AWS and on-premises. With Change Manager, you can use built-in...


Introducing AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

Today, AWS announces Fleet Manager, a new capability in AWS Systems Manager that helps you streamline and scale your remote server management process. Fleet Manager provides you with visual tools to manage your Windows, Linux, and macOS servers, so you… Continue Reading — Introducing AWS...


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