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[$] Monitoring the internal kernel ABI

As part of the Distribution Kernels microconference at Linux Plumbers Conference 2019, Matthias Männich described how the Android project monitors changes to the internal kernel ABI. As Android kernels evolve, typically by adding features and bug fixes from more recent kernel versions, the project wants to...


Introducing: Chef Automate Cluster

We are very excited to introduce Chef Automate Cluster, a new offering that is generally available to Chef customers. Chef Automate Cluster is set of High Availability, Scale-Out Performance and Disaster Recovery capabilities for Chef Automate. It also includes the Chef Server API, so that customers...


From VMware to Charmed Openstack

Over the last decade, organizations have started virtualizing their IT workloads and migrating from legacy monolithic infrastructure to cloud environments. Many choose VMware as a provider for their virtualised infrastructure. However, because of the costs associated with VMware licencing, support and professional services, many are not...


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