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From VMware to Charmed Openstack

Over the last decade, organizations have started virtualizing their IT workloads and migrating from legacy monolithic infrastructure to cloud environments. Many choose VMware as a provider for their virtualised infrastructure. However, because of the costs associated with VMware licencing, support and professional services, many are not...


A patent lawsuit against GNOME

A company called Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC has filed a lawsuit [PDF] against the GNOME Foundation, alleging that the Shotwell video editor photo manager violates patent 9,936,086. Stay tuned, more details will surely emerge. Continue Reading — A patent lawsuit against GNOME


GNOME Will “Vigorously Defend” Shotwell in Lawsuit

Shotwell, the free, open source photo management app, has fallen foul of a patent held by Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC. This post, GNOME Will “Vigorously Defend” Shotwell in Lawsuit, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Continue Reading — GNOME Will...


Alibaba unveils Hanguang 800, an AI inference chip it says significantly increases the speed of machine learning tasks

Alibaba Group introduced its first AI inference chip today, a neural processing unit called Hanguang 800 that it says makes performing machine learning tasks dramatically faster and more energy-efficient. Learn more in an interesting TechCrunch article: Continue Reading — Alibaba unveils Hanguang 800, an AI...


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