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Fedora 29: mod_md FEDORA-2019-e00c65ec6f

This update includes the latest release of the Apache HTTP Server, version `2.4.41`, fixing various security issues. Several major enhancements are also included in this update: * `mod_md` is now packaged from upstream *github* releases. * `mod_cgid` s… Continue Reading — Fedora 29: mod_md FEDORA-2019-e00c65ec6f


Fedora 30: krb5 FEDORA-2019-320a5a6a68

Fix KDC crash when logging PKINIT enctypes (CVE-2019-14844) This is a purely denial-of-service issue, though it is unauthenticated, and is unlikely to trigger by accident. Continue Reading — Fedora 30: krb5 FEDORA-2019-320a5a6a68


Fedora 29: curl FEDORA-2019-f2a520135e

– double free due to subsequent call of realloc() (CVE-2019-5481) – fix heap buffer overflow in function tftp_receive_packet() (CVE-2019-5482) Continue Reading — Fedora 29: curl FEDORA-2019-f2a520135e


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