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Amazon AppFlow now stores credentials in customers’ AWS Secrets Manager account

Amazon AppFlow, a fully managed integration service that enables customers to securely transfer data between AWS services and cloud applications, now stores encrypted credentials used to connect to flow sources and destination applications including OAuth tokens, Application and API keys, and passwords in customers’ own AWS...


[$] 5.11 Merge window, part 1

When Linus Torvalds released the 5.10 kernel, he noted that the 5.11 merge window would run up against the holidays. He indicated strongly that maintainers should send him pull requests early as a result. Maintainers appear to have listened; o… Continue Reading — [$] 5.11...


AWS Lambda now supports SASL/SCRAM authentication for functions triggered from Amazon MSK

AWS Lambda functions that are triggered from an Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) topic can now access to usernames and passwords secured by AWS Secrets Manager using SASL/SCRAM (Simple Authentication and Security Layer/Salted Chal… Continue Reading — AWS Lambda now supports SASL/SCRAM...


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