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Debian LTS: DLA-1900-2: apache2 regression update

The update of apache2 released as DLA-1900-1 contained an incomplete fix for CVE-2019-10092, a limited cross-site scripting issue affecting the mod_proxy error page. The old patch rather introduced a new CSRF protection which also caused a regression, … Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-1900-2: apache2...


AWS Direct Connect Support for AWS Transit Gateway is now Available in Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region

AWS Direct Connect support for AWS Transit Gateway is now available in Asia Pacific (Sydney) region. With this feature, customers can connect thousands of Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) in multiple AWS Regions to their on-premises networks… Continue Reading — AWS Direct Connect Support...


SUSE and the New IBM z15 – Securing the World

From my very early days in this industry as an IBM VM/CP programmer, I never would have thought I’d still be talking about this and be a part of the evolution of modern-day innovative value of the mainframe.  Its architecture is resilient, its performance and efficiency...


Introducing AWS IQ

AWS IQ is a new service that enables customers to quickly find, engage, and pay AWS Certified third-party experts for on-demand project work. AWS IQ offers video-conferencing, contract management, secure collaboration, and integrated billing.   Continue Reading — Introducing AWS IQ


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