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Five Key Kubernetes Resources for IoT

IoT workloads are increasingly moved from central clouds to the edge, for reasons pertaining to latency, privacy, autonomy, and economics. However, workloads spread over several nodes at the edge are tedious to manage. Although Kubernetes is mostly used in the context of cloud-native web applications, it...


[$] Adding the pidfd abstraction to the kernel

One of the many changes in the 5.4 kernel is the completion (insofar as anything in the kernel is truly complete) of the pidfd API. Getting that work done has been “a wild ride so far”, according to its author Christian Brauner during a session… ...


Richard Stallman and the GNU project

While Richard Stallman has resigned from the Free Software Foundation and MIT, he continues to hold onto his position as the head of the GNU project. Now, the FSF has announced that it is “working with GNU leadership on a shared understanding o… Continue Reading...


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