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Amazon ECS adds support for G4 Instance type

Amazon Elastic Container Service(ECS) now supports the ability to add G4 Instance types to your ECS clusters in all regions where G4 is supported by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) . Amazon EC2 G4 instances deliver the industry’s most cost-effective GPU instance for deploying machine...


Resolving errors with MacOS Catalina Installer

With the release of MacOS Catalina (10.15) we have become aware of an issue with our omnibus based installers. This only affects users who upgrade to MacOS Catalina. When trying to install the Chef Workstation by double-clicking on the .pkg affected users will see an error message...


OpenSSH 8.1 released

OpenSSH 8.1 is out. It includes some security fixes, including the encryption of keys at rest to defend them against speculative-execution attacks. There is also an experimental new signature and verification mechanism for public keys. … Continue Reading — OpenSSH 8.1 released


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