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Chromium in Ubuntu – deb to snap transition

We have recently announced that we are transitioning the Chromium deb package to the snap in Ubuntu 19.10. Such a transition is not trivial, and there have been many constructive discussions around it, so here we are summarising why we are doing this, how, and the...


KDE and openSUSE: Plasma 5.17, Qt 5.14 and more

It’s been way too long since the last blog post, so we’ve got quite a lot to report on! Plasma 5.17 Beta The Beta version of Plasma 5.17 was released with many new features and improvements such as per-screen fractional scaling on Wayland, a new User...


Kubectl and friends as a snap

At Canonical, we build solutions to simplify the lives of our users. We want to reduce complexity, costs, and barriers to entry. When we built the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK) and MicroK8s, we made sure it aligned with our mission. We built snaps like kubectl...


[$] An update on the input stack

The input stack for Linux is an essential part of interacting with our systems, but it is also an area that is lacking in terms of developers. There has been progress over the last few years, however; Peter Hutterer from Red Hat came to the 2019...


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