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[$] BPF at Facebook (and beyond)

It is no secret that much of the work on the in-kernel BPF virtual machine and associated user-space support code is being done at Facebook. But less is known about how Facebook is actually using BPF. At Kernel Recipes 2019, BPF developer Alex… Continue Reading...


Continuous Delivery: Stop Making Exceptions

Continuous Delivery (CD) and all the other continuous things – Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment – have become the new mantra of DevOps. CI/CD adoption typically starts with agile Dev teams working on new or well-funded systems. But what about the rest of the...


Fedora 29: krb5 FEDORA-2019-dc4e1d0fb6

Fix KDC crash when logging PKINIT enctypes (CVE-2019-14844) This is a purely denial-of-service issue, though it is unauthenticated, and is unlikely to trigger by accident. Continue Reading — Fedora 29: krb5 FEDORA-2019-dc4e1d0fb6


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