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And We’re Off: Ubuntu 20.04 Development Officially Begins

Ubuntu 20.04 ‘Focal Fossa’ is now officially open for development, Canonical’s Matthias Klose has announced on the Ubuntu developer mailing list. This post, And We’re Off: Ubuntu 20.04 Development Officially Begins, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Continue Reading —...


KernelCI joins the Linux Foundation

A long-anticipated move has finally been made official: the KernelCI continuous-integration project has found a new home under the Linux Foundation umbrella. “The primary goal of KernelCI is to use an open testing philosophy to improve the qual… Continue Reading — KernelCI joins the Linux...


PHP RCE flaw actively exploited to pop NGINX servers

A recently patched vulnerability (CVE-2019-11043) in PHP is being actively exploited by attackers to compromise NGINX web servers, threat intelligence firm Bad Packets has confirmed. Learn more: Continue Reading — PHP RCE flaw actively exploited to pop NGINX servers


BBC News Goes Dark with Censor-Busting Tor Site

Have you heard that the BBC has launched a Tor-based version of its news website, to help circumvent state efforts to censor the free flow of information worldwide? This announcement highlights the benefits of the dark web to many users around the worl… Continue Reading...


NordVPN Breached

NordVPN suffered a breach nineteen months ago, which has only recently been disclosed to the public. VPN security in general is questionable. What VPNs do you use, and why should they be considered trustworthy? Learn more about the NordVPN breach in an… Continue Reading —...


Dark Web Site Taken Down without Breaking Encryption

The US government has successfully taken down a dark web site without any encryption backdoors, demonstrating that backdoors in communications systems which compromise cryptography for everyone are not necessary to combat crime. Learn more in a great S… Continue Reading — Dark Web Site Taken...


ArchLinux: 201910-17: chromium: multiple issues

The package chromium before version 78.0.3904.70-1 is vulnerable to multiple issues including arbitrary code execution, content spoofing, access restriction bypass, authentication bypass, denial of service, information disclosure, privilege escalation … Continue Reading — ArchLinux: 201910-17: chromium: multiple issues


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