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Fedora 32: curl 2020-7ab62c73bc>

– curl: Inferior OCSP verification (CVE-2020-8286) – libcurl: FTP wildcard stack overflow (CVE-2020-8285) – curl: trusting FTP PASV responses (CVE-2020-8284) Continue Reading — Fedora 32: curl 2020-7ab62c73bc>


Fedora 32: chromium 2020-5b9c42f1b9>

Update to 87.0.4280.88. As with pretty much every chromium release ever, this fixes some security bugs. This batch is: CVE-2020-16037 CVE-2020-16038 CVE-2020-16039 CVE-2020-16040 CVE-2020-16041 CVE-2020-16042 Continue Reading — Fedora 32: chromium 2020-5b9c42f1b9>


Mageia 2020-0464: openjpeg2 security update>

A heap-buffer overwrites error was discovered in lib/openjp2/mqc.c in OpenJPEG 2.3.1. The vulnerability causes an out-of-bounds write, which may lead to remote denial of service or possibly remote code execution (CVE-2020-27814). A flaw was found in Op… Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0464: openjpeg2 security update>


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