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Amazon CloudFront expands to 200 locations with new Edge locations in Colombia, Chile, and Argentina and reduces prices in South America by 56%

Details: Amazon CloudFront announces its first Edge locations in Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. With these Edge locations, viewers within these countries will see an average of 60% improvement in latency when accessing content through CloudFront. In a… Continue Reading — Amazon CloudFront expands to 200...


Amazon FreeRTOS Now Available in the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) and AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) regions

Amazon FreeRTOS is now available in the AWS Middle East (Bahrain), and AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), regions. Amazon FreeRTOS is an IoT operating system for microcontrollers that extends the FreeRTOS kernel with software libraries for security, connect… Continue Reading — Amazon FreeRTOS Now Available...


AWS Batch Introduces New Allocation Strategies

Starting today, you can now specify allocation strategies in AWS Batch, allowing customers to choose two additional methods for AWS Batch to allocate compute resources. These strategies allow customers to factor in throughput as well as price when deci… Continue Reading — AWS Batch Introduces...


[$] Rethinking the governance of the GNU Project

The GNU Project was created by Richard Stallman in 1983 to further his goal of developing an entirely free operating system — a goal that seemed impossibly ambitious at the time. Stallman has recently resigned from some of his roles, but as of this writing his...


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