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An Open-Source Success Story: Apache SpamAssassin Celebrates 18 Years of Effectively Combating Spam Email

Apache SpamAssassin celebrates its 18th birthday this year, a huge accomplishment for everyone who has contributed to the open-source project for nearly the past two decades. SpamAssassin, a renowned and respected open-source anti-spam platform, provid… Continue Reading — An Open-Source Success Story: Apache SpamAssassin Celebrates...


5 cloud security basics and best practices

How much do you know about cloud security? Companies that move to the cloud have to assume new responsibilities, develop new skill sets and implement new processes. The first step to better cloud security is to assume you have no security. Learn more i… Continue...


AWS Left Reeling After Eight-Hour DDoS

Are you aware that Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers were hit by severe outages yesterday after an apparent DDoS attack took S3 and other services offline for up to eight hours? Learn more about the attack: Continue Reading — AWS Left Reeling After Eight-Hour DDoS


GNOME, LLVM, Samba, Ruby Packages Update in Tumbleweed

Two openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were released this week that updated several libraries as well as updates for GNOME, Ruby, Samba, Mozilla and the LLVM compiler. Snapshot 20191018 provided minor updates for both Mozilla Firefox 69.0.3 and Thunderbird 68.1.2. The update to Firefox fixed a bug that...


How to deploy StorageOS on Charmed Kubernetes

Kubernetes offers a range of storage solutions out of the box, but the majority of these are specific to cloud providers, for example, AWS or Google Cloud. This means that the options left for bare metal deployments are Ceph, NFS or local. “StorageOS is a newcomer...


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