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Fedora 31 is here

Fedora Magazine announces the release of Fedora 31. This release includes the Fedora Toolbox for launching and managing personal workspace containers. The Fedora Editions include Workstation, Server, with CoreOS and IoT in a preview state. Alter… Continue Reading — Fedora 31 is here


OpenStack Charms 19.10 – Train, Policy Overrides and more

Canonical is proud to announce the availability of OpenStack Charms 19.10. This new release introduces a range of exciting features and several improvements which enhance Charmed OpenStack across various areas. To learn more about Charmed OpenStack, visit our page. OpenStack Train This release introduces support for...


[$] The return of Python dictionary “addition”

Back in March, we looked at a discussion and Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) for a new dictionary “addition” operator for Python. The discussion back then was lively and voluminous, but the PEP needed some updates and enhancements in order to… Continue Reading — [$] The...


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