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Amplify CLI enables creating Amazon Cognito User Pool Groups, configuring fine-grained permissions on groups, and adding user management capabilities to applications

The Amplify Framework is an open source project for building cloud-enabled mobile and web applications. The Amplify CLI (part of the Amplify Framework) is a toolchain to create, integrate, and manage the AWS cloud services for your application.   Continue Reading — Amplify CLI enables...


Next Pinebook Pro Pre-Order Window Opens Early November

Linux fans get another chance to pre-order the $199 Pinebook Pro Linux laptop in early November in ANSI and ISO layouts. Shipping is estimated for December. This post, Next Pinebook Pro Pre-Order Window Opens Early November, was written by Joey Sneddon… Continue Reading — Next...


Empowering DevSecOps on Google Cloud

October’s nearly over, and for many of us that means an evening full of cobwebs, costumes, candy, tricks, and treats as we prepare for Halloween night. It also means that today is the final day of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! It’s a fitting pairing, as few...


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