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AWS CodeStar Enables Automating Toolchain Setup Through CloudFormation

You can now create CodeStar projects using the publicly available CodeCommit and GitHub CloudFormation resources. You can also create the initial commit for your repository through CloudFormation. Previously, customers could not easily replicate CodeStar’s resource provisioning. Now you can provision toolchain resources simply by using the...


Debian LTS: DLA-1979-1: italc security update

Several vulnerabilities have been identified in the VNC code of iTALC, a classroom management software. All vulnerabilities referenced below are issues that have originally been reported against Debian source package Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-1979-1: italc security update


Happy Birthday, Apache2 Cookbook!

Last year, we celebrated Chef’s 10th birthday. A lot can happen in ten years, but a lot also stays the same. One of our other projects that is nearly as old as Chef Infra itself is the Apache2 cookbook. For folks who were managing their Apache2...


[$] Unifying kernel tracing

Steven Rostedt has been a part of the Linux kernel tracing community for most of its existence, it seems. He was the developer of ftrace, which was one of the early mainline additions for tracing. There are now many tracing facilities in the k… Continue...


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