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Monthly News – October 2019

GNOME vs Trolls Before we start with the news, I’d like to bring this to everyone’s attention: https://www.gnome.org/news/2019/10/gnome-files-defense-against-patent-troll/ We are standing on the shoulders of giants, and among them GNOME is probably the tallest. Ubuntu provides an amazing base for us to build upon. If tomorrow...


Emerging Technology and Privacy: What You Need to Know

As technology evolves and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning becomes increasingly mainstream, consumers are more concerned than ever before about protecting their privacy. Awareness surrounding how activities are being tracked and … Continue Reading — Emerging Technology and Privacy: What You Need...


The Ethics Board of One of the Largest Vendors of Police Tech Makes the Case Against ALPRs

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs)’”a mass surveillance technology that allows law enforcement to record the location and travel patterns of nearly every driver on the road’”are poorly regulated, threaten privacy, and worsen the racial and econom… Continue Reading — The Ethics Board of One of...


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