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Virtualization Management with SUSE Manager

SUSE® Manager 4 is a best-in-class open source infrastructure management solution that lowers costs, enhances availability and reduces complexity for life-cycle management of Linux systems in large, complex and dynamic IT landscapes. You can use SUSE Manager to configure, deploy and administer thousands of Linux systems...


Brave 1.0 launches, extends ad-watching payouts to iOS

Nearly four years after the Brave browser inserted its we-will-pay-for-your attention pitch into the adblockers v. publishers war, it’s finally showtime. Brave 1.0 promises privacy, security, speed and ad-watching payouts. Are you using Brave 1.0? If s… Continue Reading — Brave 1.0 launches, extends ad-watching...


Cook: Security things in Linux v5.3

Kees Cook catches up with the security improvements in the 5.3 kernel. “In recent exploits, one of the steps for making the attacker’s life easier is to disable CPU protections like Supervisor Mode Access (and Execute) Prevention (SMAP and SMEP) by finding a way to write...


Debian LTS: DLA-1993-1: mesa security update

Tim Brown discovered a shared memory permissions vulnerability in the Mesa 3D graphics library. Some Mesa X11 drivers use shared-memory XImages to implement back buffers for improved performance, but Mesa Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-1993-1: mesa security update


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