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Announcing the Bytecode Alliance

The Bytecode Alliance is an industry partnership with the aim of forging WebAssembly’s outside-the-browser future by collaborating on implementing standards and proposing new ones. The newly formed alliance has “a vision of a WebAssembly ecosystem that is secure by default, fixing cracks in today’s software foundations”....


[$] The 2019 Automated Testing Summit

This year saw the second edition of the Automated Testing Summit (ATS) and the first that was open to all. Last year’s ATS was an invitation-only gathering of around 35 developers (that was described in an LWN article), while this year’s event attracted around 50 attendees;...


Simplifying Machine Learning Pipeline Deployments on Kubernetes

Join Canonical and SmartDeployAI on understanding AI/ML using Kubeflow with Microk8s on Ubuntu. Experience the journey of Machine Learning workflow challenges and how we simplify them. You will be able to experience and learn an end-to-end ML workflow deployment. In this webinar, join Canonical’s Ammar Naqvi,...


Debian LTS: DLA-1991-1: libssh2 security update

In libssh2, SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT logic in packet.c has an integer overflow in a bounds check, enabling an attacker to specify an arbitrary (out-of-bounds) offset for a subsequent memory read. A Continue Reading — Debian LTS: DLA-1991-1: libssh2 security update


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