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Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math now supports additional functions

Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math now supports sort, slice, remove empty and conditional statements. With CloudWatch Metric Math, you can aggregate and transform metrics to create custom visualizations of your health and performance metrics. The new functi… Continue Reading — Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math now supports...


Design and Web team summary – 8 November 2019

This was the final iteration before our roadmap sprint where we plan our 20.04 work.  Here are some of the highlights of our completed work. Web squad Web is the squad that develop and maintain most of the brochure websites across the Canonical. New content We...


AWS CloudFormation Launches Resource Import

Today, AWS CloudFormation is announcing resource import which allows you to bring existing AWS application resources into CloudFormation. With this launch, you can start managing existing resources such as Amazon S3 Buckets or DynamoDB Tables with all … Continue Reading — AWS CloudFormation Launches Resource...


Announcing the Bytecode Alliance

The Bytecode Alliance is an industry partnership with the aim of forging WebAssembly’s outside-the-browser future by collaborating on implementing standards and proposing new ones. The newly formed alliance has “a vision of a WebAssembly ecosystem that is secure by default, fixing cracks in today’s software foundations”....


[$] The 2019 Automated Testing Summit

This year saw the second edition of the Automated Testing Summit (ATS) and the first that was open to all. Last year’s ATS was an invitation-only gathering of around 35 developers (that was described in an LWN article), while this year’s event attracted around 50 attendees;...


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