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[$] Some near-term arm64 hardening patches

The arm64 architecture is found at the core of many, if not most, mobile devices; that means that arm64 devices are destined to be the target of attackers worldwide. That has led to a high level of interest in technologies that can harden these… Continue...


Amazon CloudWatch Launches Embedded Metric Format

CloudWatch Embedded Metric Format enables you to ingest complex high-cardinality application data in the form of logs and easily generate actionable metrics from them. It has traditionally been hard to generate actionable custom metrics from your ephem… Continue Reading — Amazon CloudWatch Launches Embedded Metric...


AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0 with Intel HPC Platform Specification, NICE DCV, Slurm 19, and More

AWS ParallelCluster is a fully supported and maintained open source cluster management tool that makes it easy for scientists, researchers, and IT administrators to deploy and manage High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters in the AWS cloud. HPC clust… Continue Reading — AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0 with...


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