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Amazon Transcribe now Supports Alternative Transcriptions

Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for you to add a speech-to-text capability to your applications. Up until now, Amazon Transcribe returned transcriptions with the highest confidence score only. Start… Continue Reading — Amazon Transcribe now Supports Alternative...


Amazon Cognito now supports Sign in with Apple

Amazon Cognito now supports Sign in with Apple, making it easier for customers who use Cognito for identity and authentication to reach a broad base of Apple users. This feature is available now in Amazon Cognito User Pools at the same cost as oth… Continue Reading...


[$] LSM stacking and the future

The idea of stacking (or chaining) Linux security modules (LSMs) goes back 15 years (at least) at this point; progress has definitely been made along the way, especially in the last decade or so. It has been possible to stack “minor” LSMs wit… Continue Reading...


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