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Tag-on Create and Tag-Based IAM for AWS Certificate Manager and Private Certificate Authority

Tag-on create is now available for AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) and Private Certificate Authority (CA). Upon creation, you can tag your ACM certificates and private certificate authorities (CAs). By tagging resources at time of creation you can elimin… Continue Reading — Tag-on Create and Tag-Based...


Amazon Transcribe Now Supports Speech-to-text in 7 Additional Languages

Amazon Transcribe now supports transcription for audio and video in Gulf Arabic, Swiss German, Hebrew, Japanese, Malay, Telugu, and Turkish languages. Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy to add speech-t… Continue Reading — Amazon Transcribe Now Supports Speech-to-text...


Amazon Lex Now Supports Sentiment Analysis

Amazon Lex now supports sentiment analysis by natively integrating with Amazon Comprehend. Up until now, you had to implement custom logic using Amazon Comprehend APIs to assess user sentiment. Starting today, you can enable sentiment analysis for your… Continue Reading — Amazon Lex Now Supports...


AWS CloudTrail announces CloudTrail Insights

Today, AWS announces CloudTrail Insights, a new CloudTrail feature that helps customers identify unusual operational activity in their AWS accounts such as spikes in resource provisioning, bursts of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) actions, or … Continue Reading — AWS CloudTrail announces CloudTrail Insights


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