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Introducing Amazon SageMaker ml.P4d instances for highest performance ML training in the cloud

Amazon SageMaker now supports ml.p4d instances, the next generation of GPU-based instances that provide the best performance for machine learning (ML) training in the cloud for applications such as natural language processing, object detection and clas… Continue Reading — Introducing Amazon SageMaker ml.P4d instances for...


Announcing Amazon Route 53 support for DNSSEC

Today, Amazon Web Services announced the launch of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for Amazon Route 53. You can now enable DNSSEC signing for all existing and new public hosted zones, and enable DNSSEC validation for Amazon Route 53 Res… Continue Reading — Announcing...


Amazon Connect supports Amazon Lex chatbots with Latin American Spanish and German

You can now configure your Amazon Lex chatbot to improve engagement with customers who speak Latin American Spanish or German. Amazon Lex allows you to create intelligent conversational chatbots that can be used with Amazon Connect to automate high volume interactions without compromising customer experience. Customers...


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