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The 5.4 kernel has been released

Linus has released the 5.4 kernel. “Not a lot happened this last week, which is just how I like it”. Significant features in this release include the haltpoll CPU governor, the iocost (formerly io.weight) I/O controller, the EROFS filesystem, a… Continue Reading — The 5.4...


Does Stadia Work on Ubuntu? Yeah, Well Kinda…

Does Stadia work on Ubuntu? Yes, in both Google Chrome and Chromium. In this post we look at one users’ experience playing Destiny on Stadia. This post, Does Stadia Work on Ubuntu? Yeah, Well Kinda…, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. ...


Fedora 31: mingw-libidn2 FEDORA-2019-1ebb5c928e>

Libidn 2.3.0 (released 2019-11-14) has assigned CVE-2019-12290 which was fixed by the roundtrip feature introduced in 2.2.0 (commit 241e8f48) * Update the data tables from Unicode 6.3.0 to Unicode 11.0 * Turn `_idn2_punycode_encode`, `_idn2_punycode_de… Continue Reading — Fedora 31: mingw-libidn2 FEDORA-2019-1ebb5c928e>


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